Stella Vegetable Tealight Oil candle 3,5 hours Tealight – NEW

100% vegetable Oil Candles burning time is approx 3,5 h.

Low carbon footprint

Box of 162 units.

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Stella-Light Vegetable Oil candle, containing Vegetable fuel to support an excellent low particle emission, and insure the best possible air conditions for your customers and your staff. All the vegetable fuels in our Stella-Light vegetable oil candles is RSPO certified to support a sustainable oil candle.

Using Stella-Light Vegetable Oil candles is the most convenient way to add ambient lightning, to your restaurant, hotel or bar and protect your customers and staff from harmful smoke from wax candles. You will see the difference to wax candles from the first time you use them. Stella Vegetable Oil candle is the only candle available, showing a carbon foot print 3 times lower compared to regular candles.

Model/Product no.: 16011


ToxicityNon toxic for humans
Smoke emisionlow smoke emision
Particle emmisionVery low particle emmision compared to normal candles
EAN unit5713362160101
Dimension unit Ø/H3,8 X 3,2 cm changs
Net weight per unit9
Gross weight per unit20
FuelVegetable divertiates
EAN carton5713362160118
Dimensions Carton38,3/19,6/18,20 changs
Carton Weight5,40
Cartons per. EUR Pallet120
Cartons per. layer12
Layers per. EUR pallet10
Weight per. EUR pallet599